How can I reside in Spain without being an European Union citizen based on the Entrepreneurs Law?

Spain is an attractive destination to make investments, establish your residence, or simply for traveling and doing some turism.

It is then a country with great groth potential with an enviable geographical situation that enables the access to the European Union markets, the arab world and south America.

What to it´s internal market is concerned, to the resident population, somewhere around 46 millions of inhabitants, the 75 million tourist that visited the country in 2016 must be added.

In last years the spanish institutions had developed a lot of actions supporting the internationalization of the economy. In 2013 the Entrepreneurs Support Law was promulgated. Inside the mentioned norm, modified in 2015, the 2nd Secction it´s found, headlined “International Mobility”, which has the the goal of attracting investment and talen into Spain.

The referred norm regulates certain assumptions in which, for economical interest reasons, the granting of visas and residence authorisations is facilitated and expedites.

Who is directed to?

To extra-communitarian foreign citizens who are not beneficiary of free circulation and residence rights derived from the Treaty of the European Union, and are located in one of the next categories;

  • Investors
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Highly skilled workers
  • Formation in I + D + I
  • Intra-enterprise transfer

What adventeges does it entail this system comparing it to the foreing general regime?

The Entrepreneurs Law amplifies considerably the assumptions in which an extra-communitarian foreign citizen can be holder of a visa, both of stay and residence, or a residence authorisation, and facilitates in certain circumstances the development of the aconomical activity in Spain without the necesity of establishing the permanent residence in the country.

Each of the behold categories in the regulation has it´s own specifications but as a common advantageous element of all of them stands out the agility of the procedure; the administration has 20 days at its disposal to resolve the applies for residence authorisations, understanding that it is granted because of positive administrative silence if it does not pronounce in that time term.

In the successives articles we will comment the characteristics and requisites of the different categories that are behold in the norm.