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Comprehensive advice throughout the process of migration to Spain.


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More than 30 years of experience

More than 100 lawyers in Spain, cooperate with us. Effective advice and comprehensive support are part of our philosophy and approach to work. Our reputation and skills allow us to accelerate processes and resolve situations that can positively help our clients' objectives.

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We can help you create a migration plan that covers each and every one of your needs and objectives in the short and long term to achieve the quality of life you are looking for when emigrating to Spain.



Local professionals of recognized trajectory to help you choose the best visa or authorization for you, according to your personal, work and / or family situation.



Personalized support to achieve your goals of residing, working or studying in Spain. We want the whole process to be simple, so we will answer you immediately.



We speak your language, we understand your needs and we have contact with companies and government organizations that could help you.

What do we do?

We channel your entire migration and / or investment process.

What do our customers say?

Our professional experience in immigration.

Our commitment

Support and tranquility throughout your migration process to Spain.

Since I arrived in Spain and almost since I began studying law, I knew that mine was to advise immigrants. Not only had he lived in his own flesh emigrating from Argentina Patagonia to the Basque Country, but also my mother, from Chile to Argentina, my grandfather, from Buenos Aires-Argentina to El Bolsón- Argentina (more than 1,700 km away) and my great-grandfather, from Navarra-Basque Country to Buenos Aires-Argentina.

I was lucky to have very good teachers in my training course, I can not fail to mention Iñaki (Almandoz) and Abdoulaye (Gueye). From them I loved respect for the client at its best, the value of empathy, honesty.

People, in the past, emigrated without too much organization, and this was a product of lack of information, distances, delays in communications, and this generated numerous difficulties, loss of time, suffering ... I want to help people migrate Well, in the best conditions, thanks to the support of nearby professionals.


Viviana Echeverria

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Personalized advice and comprehensive support throughout your migration process to Spain

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