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Mary Baldwin Hughes

I highly recommend working with Viviana and her team. They are a group of nice, smart, and empathetic people, who I would absolutely work with again. As Americans moving to Spain, my husband and I were overwhelmed with how we should start our immigration process. They did a great job of demystifying the process, going above and beyond to make sure anything confusing was clarified. We felt taken care of, and relieved to have them in our corner. Thank you Viviana & team! Mary Baldwin Hughes EEUU. Jun, 2019

Shama Qureshi & Rajesh Sharma

Viviana was in our experience a wonderful lawyer who knew her faculty and her professionalism promptness courtesy understanding and emapathy is to be accoladed and an example for all. Shama Qureshi & Rajesh Sharma Marzo 2018, Saudi Arabia, Non Lucrative Residency.

Daniel Elro Braak

Viviana is a very caring person with a lovely personality. She tackles her work with enthusiasm to ensure success. Daniel Elro Braak Southafrica, Entrepeneurs Law, August 2017

Sharon Lee Wright

Consistency is one of the qualities I appreciate. Also, knowing you were a resource for any questions I had was a relief for me given I am in a foreign country. Sharon Lee Wright April 2017. EEUU-Spain.


A very good lawyer providing a highly professional service and the outcome was exactly as I desired. My queries were answered immediately and the fee was excellent value for money. I.K. Feb. 2017, Latvia, Non-lucrative residence.

Michael Pontiero

Thank you so much Viviana! You have gone far beyond what I expected and I am happy to have a new friend in this wonderful city! Viviana understood my concerns and held my hand safely through the process! Michael Pontiero Rental contract review. EEUU, Julio 2018