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Highly skilled workers in Spain account for 37% of work permits granted.

In order to respond to the business demand for highly skilled workers, Spain has enacted Law 14/2013 of September 27. Through this means of access to the Spanish labor market, the figures for work permits granted in 2021, place highly qualified workers as the most numerous group (37%), followed by investors (29%), groups in training and research (13%), company transfers (7%), job search (7%) and internships (7%) and, in last place are entrepreneurs (1%). The Organic Law on Foreigners 4/2000, of January 11, also allows the entry of unskilled foreign workers, avoiding in some cases to go through the national employment system (the analysis of the labor market supply in Spanish territory).


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The hiring of workers from outside the European Union is complex, so it is necessary for employers and self-employed workers to correctly carry out the necessary procedures when hiring.


We define the way forward

Once the worker's profile has been analyzed, we will begin to process the residence permit that will allow us to incorporate a new job in the company. We will assess whether it is necessary to go to the employment service, to request a certificate stating that there are no people with the characteristics of the person you want to hire.


Preparation of documentation

We will accompany you during the process of compiling the necessary documentation. We will indicate, both to the company and to the employee, the documentation they must gather, and we will explain in detail how we want each document to look like. We will check that everything is correct and clarify any doubts that may arise along the way.


Processing of the residence permit

We will submit the residency application (and before that also the offer to the employment service, when necessary), and we will pay the corresponding fee, on behalf of the company. If further documents are required, we will be there to advise you and provide whatever is requested.


Personalized accompaniment

Once the favorable resolution is received, the worker must travel to Spain (in some cases we can file the application while the person is already in Spanish territory), and someone will personally accompany him/her to carry out the necessary procedures, until he/she has his/her residence card in his/her hands.

Work permits for skilled workers as an immigration opportunity

Foreigners residing in Spain thanks to work authorizations, in accordance with Law 14/2013, of September 27, to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization, do so accompanied by family members who receive the same type of documentation as them, and total 21,105 people (48%) in 2021.

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