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The granting of Spanish nationality remains a process plagued by bureaucracy

During 2018, a total of 90,828 foreigners residing in Spain acquired Spanish nationality. This figure represented an increase of 36.6% over the previous year, according to the INE in its Statistics on Acquisition of Spanish Citizenship of Residents.

69 810

By residence

20 876

By option

How can we help you?

Full advice throughout the application and processing process of your Spanish nationality.


Advice to define initial strategy

We will analyze your personal situation to establish a clear strategy that suits your needs, time and objectives. We will draw up a plan so that you can obtain Spanish nationality in the most viable way, according to your expectations in the short, medium and long term.


Preparation, review and custody of documents

Our services include the preparation of your nationality application and the necessary documentation to ensure that they meet each of the requirements required by law. We take care of all aspects to avoid mistakes that may delay your plan to obtain nationality in Spain.


Enrollment and preparation of CCSE and DELE exams

We help you with tuition and show you how to prepare the Spanish nationality exams, which consists of two exams, one on constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE) and another on Spanish (DELE A2). These are procedures and administered by the Cervantes Institute, which, in case of suspension, entitles you to another call. For the next CCSE you don't have to pay again; but for DELE A2, yes. However, the DELE is only done by those who come from countries where Spanish is not an official or co-official language.


Presentation and follow-up of your nationality application

We represent and assist you throughout the process, answer the requirements and present the necessary writings. In addition, we receive electronic notifications and we arrange the previous appointment for DNI and Spanish passport.


We expedite the response to your nationality file

By presenting a contentious administrative appeal of Spanish nationality we can help you speed up the response to your Spanish citizenship file.


Appeal for replacement in case of refusal

The denial of Spanish citizenship is not the end of your possibilities. We can help you present a brief where arguments against the denial of your Spanish nationality are presented.

The procedure to acquire Spanish citizenship by residence is regulated by Royal Decree 1004/2015

The new law includes the requirement that the files be resolved within a maximum period of 12 months, but this is not being fulfilled because it is a process plagued by bureaucracy. But, through a contentious appeal before the National Court the resolution of nationality is achieved in 2-9 months.

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Guidance and advice during all stages of the process

We help you apply for and process your Spanish nationality by residence or establishment. Over 30 years of experience behind us. It is very easy to start ...

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