At Echeverria Abogados we are closely following the public health crisis that we are experiencing and which is still advancing rapidly, with a strong direct impact on many and diverse aspects of our lives, such as health, the economy and our own work and personal relationships.

For this reason, our firm wants to address this complex scenario with two priority criteria for action:

  • To take care of our clients, the people in our organization, by joining the teleworking and conciliation measures
  • To ensure the continuity of the firm, always acting as a responsible organization.

Due to the alarm situation established from March 15, we would like to inform you of the measures we have taken in our office:

1. Appealing to the citizen commitment #StayAtHome in front of the health emergency, from ECHEVERRIA ABOGADOS we join all the companies and institutions that have decided to close their physical offices, for social responsibility and common sense.

2. We will not be able to attend in person at the office, because our office will be closed. However, we will continue to attend to the public with the same commitment and passion through telephone and e-mail, during the usual hours.

3. You can make an appointment with us by videoconference or by telephone +34 943-425-726, after paying 72.60€ (VAT included) in advance by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. But if we have already started working on a case, the related consultations are free of charge.

4. To send us documentation, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Leave it in the office mailbox (ground floor of the building);
  • Send it by e-mail, scanned in PDF format (no photos);
  • Send it by post to Antonio María Labaien, 14 - 4º B, 20009, Donostia-San Sebastián. Gipuzkoa. Spain;

5. The Foreigners Office will soon establish the possibility of submitting ALL applications telematically. This will allow us to submit all applications remotely. The follow-up will also be carried out telematically. If someone is waiting for an answer, you can rest assured that it will reach him/her without any problem.

6. We will not be able to carry out procedures at the Police or Civil Registry and all procedures at the Foreigners Office will be suspended until further notice. We understand that if the criminal records expire during the suspension period, they will not be considered expired.

7. The dates for the nationality exams are modified as follows:

  • DELE: April 17th, changed to July 10th;
  • DELE: 15 May, changed to 11-12 September;
  • CCSE: 26 March, changed to 14 May;
  • CCSE: 30 April, changed to June 11th;

8. These measures will be maintained for the duration of the state of alarm.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

We will continue to be very close to you through all the remote channels, we will continue to listen and attend to your needs, the usual and the extraordinary ones that may arise in this new scenario. We will continue to report the most relevant developments.