Today we want to present you the case of Patricia Pimentel Nojera, a Latin American woman who, now, thanks to her determination and interest and the help we gave her, is already a Spanish citizen to all effects and purposes. She now lives in Alicante, with her family, with complete peace of mind.

How was this possible? Well, by solving little by little the intricacies that this type of process entails. The first of these steps is to know what challenge we were facing.

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The problem

To begin with, the first thing Patricia needed was someone she trusted who could file the nationality application for her, without her having to travel to an office. For our part, we explained to her that the process would consist of five phases:

  • Check that you had all the necessary documents for your presentation.
  • Pass the constitutional knowledge exam.
  • Pay the corresponding fee.
  • Submit the application electronically.
  • Carry out final paperwork.

The fact that Patricia did not live in Donostia-San Sebastian, the city where we have our office, was not a problem. We allowed her to send us the scanned documents in PDF format, although she later had to send us the originals to the office for verification. In this way, all communication could be done via telephone, email, and even videoconference.

This method was giving us very good results with other clients, with timeframes that ranged between 2-8 months to obtain a resolution. We all got down to work. In addition, and taking into account that she had already processed her nationality with us, we offered Patricia a significant discount in this dispute.

Once we received the favorable resolution of her nationality, we made an appointment for her at the corresponding civil registry and filled out the application to be presented at the registry, so that they could issue the Spanish birth certificate.

When the Spanish birth certificate was delivered to her, we made an appointment at the police station so that she could get her Spanish ID card and passports. And that was it.


Patricia's nationality was granted in 1 year and 5 months from the time we filed her application.

The filing of the contentious appeal helped the application to be resolved more quickly. She was extremely happy with the result obtained and was also very positive about the subsequent procedures carried out: booking an appointment at the civil registry, arranging an appointment for the Spanish DNI and passport, etc.

Why were we necessary?

  • Because Patricia didn't need to move from her house, or even be near us.
  • Because we were very agile in preparing the entire nationality file, so that it could be submitted as soon as possible.
  • And because our greatest effort was focused on making our client feel accompanied throughout the whole process; as well as always having, as soon as possible, the resolution of the doubts that arose.

Relevant statistics

How many such cases are there each year? In 2019 alone, 98,954 Spanish nationalities were granted. Of these concessions, 46,600 files corresponded to men and 52,354 to women. This represented an increase of 9% over the nationality grants made in 2018.

If you also want to file your application for Spanish nationality, we can help you as we did with Patricia, wherever you live. You will feel us just as close as if we were in your own city, since communication will be fluid and agile at all times, and we will do what is necessary to achieve the desired result: obtaining Spanish nationality, and in record time, if there are no inconveniences.

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