The ways for a foreigner to obtain legal residency in Spain are numerous, for example Golden Visas. But we bet that there is a way that you have not heard too much about: Intra-company transfer. And you will say: what is the residence permit for intra-company transfer?

Well, in a few words, this is the permit that is granted to those people who wish to move to Spain in the framework of an employment, professional or training relationship with a company or group of companies established in Spain. That is to say, to obtain a residence permit through a company with which one works or studies.

Normally, the transfer takes place from a company established outside the European Union to an entity belonging to the same company or group of companies established in Spain.

The cases can be very varied and different from each other, but, since at Echeverría Abogados we have the necessary experience to carry them out, we are going to present you with one of the examples that best represents the work we do regarding intra-company transfers. And with which, of course, we have successfully dealt with.

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Mexican businessman who wanted to live in Spain

Our client's name is Simón Guajardo Vallejo, he is Mexican by birth, he had a company headquartered in Mexico. But it also had offices in the USA and Spain. Due to fortunate situations in the company, it happened that, over time, the volume of business in Spain grew. Thus, John's career and family path was divided in two: he could either move to Spain with his family, a place where he could better manage this increase in work and which, in addition, offered him a new life in Europe. Or, on the other hand, he could stay in Mexico.

What we did at Echeverria Abogados was to become the key to the first option, that of moving to Spain, and to make it work for him and his family. How did we do it? First we analyzed the problem, then we discussed the help we could offer to solve it and, finally, we evaluated the results obtained, which, it must be said, were highly positive.

But... let's take it one step at a time:

The problem

  • The problem consisted of two phases. The first was to verify that Simon's companies were indeed a group of companies, that there was a previous employment relationship (in this case as a manager) and that he had the necessary training or experience for the job he was moving from Mexico to Spain. The second was to gather all the documentation in order to be able to submit the application in a complete manner.
  • Since Simon was very urgent to obtain the transfer authorization, we accelerated our efforts. The communication was continuous, with an absolute collaboration on his part that we must thank and that was key to set a record processing time.

Our help

  • The documentation we had to provide, to summarize, consisted of proof of the employment relationship in the country of origin, an explanation of all the circumstances required by the regulations, documentation regarding the proof of family relationship of his wife and children, and documentation to demonstrate the economic solvency of the family group.
  • In addition, in order to comply with the requirements of the regulations, we had to verify that the companies had a real activity, the existence of a previous employment relationship and the company's documentation proving the transfer.
  • The work was fast, yes, but also meticulous, a process in which we paid attention to the smallest detail.


  • The processing of the residence permit required a lot of determination and coordination. Simon wanted the application to be submitted as soon as possible after he contacted us. It was a difficult job, but in the end we delivered, regardless of the volume of documentation to be provided, translated and legalized in the country of origin.
  • A week after Echeverría Abogados provided everything necessary for Simón's intra-company transfer —and despite having faced unexpected paperwork requirements—, the Spanish government agency in charge granted the authorization requested by Simón and his entire family.

In short, something that seemed impossible was done. We had only days to prepare and submit all the required documentation to apply for a successful intra-company transfer residency for Simón and his family. Making the process a success in a matter of weeks implied an important effort by all involved but it was worth it because today Simón and his family are already residing in Spain.

A happy ending, which fills us at Echeverría Abogados with pride and joy.

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